Baker's Man Inc.

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Nov. 1, 2004, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

He went above and beyond my expectations

I chose Mark because I did not want a traditional wedding cake. His cake designs were amazing and paired with his delicious choices of cakes I knew he was the one to create our cake. He took my "deco" theme ideas and created the most fabulous and awe-inspiring cake I have ever seen! No one could stop talking about it during and weeks after the wedding, both the look of it and how good it was. It got almost as much attention as I did! I was absolutely stunned when I saw what he created. He captured exactly what I wanted!! I couldn't have been more pleased and it was so hard to have to cut it. The only way I could was because I wanted everyone to taste how delicious it was. He went above and beyond my expectations and he should be on everyone's "meet with" list!!!

Jennifer W Smith
Wedding/ Event Date: Sept. 18, 2004

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