The Bocce Room at Ippolito's

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June 21, 2005, 6:59 p.m.


Review: The Bocce Room at Ippolito's

Ippolito's is one of my husband's favorite restaurants

Ippolito's is one of my husband's favorite restaurants. So we were excited when they moved to the new location with the Bocce Room for events and booked it quickly. We were excited to find that they had multiple menu and bar options so we could organize the evening exactly as we wanted. Debbie was extremely organized and helpful - particularly since I had to do so much of my planning via email! Ippolitos was flexible to our requests - including having appetizers in the social area early and the request to do our own casual decorating/centerpieces. They had all of the necessary equipment so we didn't have to worry about music, microphones, etc. The event was easy and well organized. The food was wonderful and the service was even better! From Debbie all the way down to the bartenders and food servers, we felt that the entire team wanted to make our event wonderful. All of our guests had a nice relaxing time so we thrilled! I highly recommend them!

LV, Roswell
Wedding/ Event Date: May 14, 2005

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