Formal Faces

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Dec. 8, 2005, 12:38 p.m.


Review: Formal Faces

Jennifer Adams with Formal Faces is the perfect Bridal Image Consultant

Jennifer Adams with Formal Faces is the perfect "Bridal Image Consultant" for a bride like me! I didn't have a specific idea in mind for my hair/make-up, at least not too specific. I told her what I would prefer, and she jazzed it up perfectly. The trial session was set up in her home which made me feel comfortable with her and her services. For the big day, she brought along another consultant and made sure that everyone was taken care of. It really worked out so well! All the attendants/mothers were at my house and we just hung out waiting for our turn with the Formal Faces team. It was such a relaxed environment, it truly helped me get "mentally prepped" for the day. (The mimosas helped!) I would recommend Formal Faces for any bride looking to skip the stress of traveling to a salon.

Leslie, Roswell
Wedding/ Event Date: Nov. 12, 2005

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