Piedmont Garden Tent

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May 28, 2014, midnight


Review: Piedmont Garden Tent

Killer city views and ambiance

I do not know where to begin praising Park Tavern and its staff! The Garden Tent and Meadow were the perfect setting for our "city garden wedding". Everything, from the gold, chiavari chairs to the chandeliers under the tent, is glamorous and chic. They have gorgeous flowers blooming in the meadow, planted ferns under the tent and they provide tons of candles for the reception space. This is truly a picturesque and breathtaking venue. The food was incredible and the bar and wait staff were amazing. They even made sure that we had to-go boxes of our food in case we didn't get to eat enough during the reception. Ryan was my point of contact. She was helpful and extremely responsive and organized throughout the entire process. I truly cannot think of anything that Park Tavern could have done to make the process any better!! This venue has their act together and multiple spaces to offer...all with killer city views and ambiance.

Dana and Lucas Hunt
Wedding/ Event Date: April 26, 2014

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