Baker's Man Inc.

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Nov. 28, 2011, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

Mark of Baker's Man, Inc. was just fantastic!

Mark of Baker's Man, Inc. was just fantastic! He knew what we wanted when we didn't and he helped us build a cake better than we ever expected! His creativity is really what completed our wedding cake. When he knew we wanted something a little more than the standard flavors, he really gave us fun options and we were able to create a cake far from the chocolate or vanilla standard! We gave him just a few design and color ideas and he created our perfect wedding cake! We can't wait to have our "top layer" on our one-year anniversary! I look forward to working with Mark on our next event! I will highly recommend him to everyone I know!

Deborah L. McCurdy
Wedding/ Event Date: Nov. 12, 2011

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