Glendalough Manor

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Nov. 19, 2016, 7:41 p.m.


Review: Glendalough Manor

Not only is this venue beautiful but the team is fantastic

Not only is this venue beautiful but the team is fantastic! My husband and I got married on 11/05/16 and it was the best experience! I cannot say enough nice things about this group. Amy, Jena, and Pennie are out of this world amazing. They really made everything so effortless and seamless. Unlike many of my friends and family, I CAN remember everything from my wedding. It was so stress free thanks to these ladies- especially Pennie! There's lots of local hotels that offer free shuttles! The food and drinks at Glendalough are awesome! Just take a tour and you'll be sold. We visited 10+ venues before seeing Glendalough as our final location.

Megan Dascall
Wedding/ Event Date: Nov. 5, 2016

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