The Venue at CeNita Vineyards

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Nov. 12, 2013, 11:13 a.m.


Review: The Venue at CeNita Vineyards

Our wedding at CeNita Vineyards was perfect!

Our wedding at CeNita Vineyards was perfect! The CeNita family was amazing and accomodated our every need from the first visit of the vineyard to the clean-up after the reception. The view of Mt. Yonah in our wedding pictures are spectacular! Everyone says our ceremony picture could be in a magazine. We loved the rustic atmosphere, and used decor we brought and decor the vineyard provided to make the ceremony and reception exactly what we wanted. The bridal room was very spacious and a great place to get ready. Since my family and friends wanted to cater the reception, we were able to bring our own food and use the kitchen to prepare it. From the moment we walked up the barn, we knew this was the perfect place for us. It encompassed everything we were looking for in a wedding venue. We received many compliments from our guests about this amazing venue. Thank you CeNita Vineyard family!

Melissa and Ronnie
Wedding/ Event Date: Sept. 14, 2013

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