Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

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March 28, 2010, midnight


Review: Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

Rev. D was absolutely the best from the moment we first met her

Rev. D was absolutely the best from the moment we first met her. She made everything so easy for us. We felt like we had known her and been friends with her for a very long time. Our ceremony was beautiful and she did an awesome job! I know that we can count on her being our lifelong friend. She sent me tons of ceremonies to go through and I was able to take things from them and make our own ceremony. She just tweaked it a little bit and it was a very moving ceremony. All our guests loved it and several were teary-eyed. Rev. D knew how emotional my hubby was and helped him out tremendously. We're humorous people so she laughed along with us during our ceremony so we could ease the nervousness. I highly recommend her services to anyone getting married. You won't find anyone better to perform your ceremony! We love you Rev. D!

Crystal & DJ Chipman
Wedding/ Event Date: March 19, 2010

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