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Feb. 21, 2015, 1:41 p.m.


Review: Bel Fiore Bridal

The prices were SO Affordable

I had made an appointment at Bel Fiore bridal, with the complete intention on NOT buying a dress. I made the appointment the day before Valentine's Day..I thought it would be sweet to go dress shopping that day with my mom & sister. When we got to Bel Fiore, they had a private dressing area, gave me a set of pearl earrings, and explained how their store works kindly and very professionally. Like I said, I had no intention on buying a dress that day, I mean it was the very first time I had ever tried on dresses. However, not only did I buy a dress, I bought TWO!! I fully intended on renting a dress for my wedding in saving the extra money to go towards the rest of the cost of the wedding. But the prices were SO Affordable that I was able to get two dresses, my cathedral veil and my jewelry for around $3500!

Brittany Page
Wedding/ Event Date: Jan. 23, 2016

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