Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

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April 29, 2009, midnight


Review: Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

We absolutely LOVED Reverend Deanna Lancaster!

We absolutely LOVED Reverend Deanna Lancaster! About a year before the wedding, we met with Rev D and booked her for our wedding. Throughtout the year before the wedding, Rev D kept in touch with me via email and made herself available for assistance. I even received e-cards from her during the holidays. According to my husband, he was extremely nervous and emotional the day of the wedding and she took time to give him a pep talk...even when he was standing at the alter waiting for me to walk down the aisle. She helped him calm down and ease his emotions. During the ceremony, my husband was supposed to receive the rings from his best man. Instead, he yelled out our two dogs names and they came running out from the crowd surprising me. I started to tear up and I looked back at Rev D...she too was tearing up. My husband and I cannot say enough about Reverend Deanna Lancaster. We are so delighted that she was apart of our special day.

Wedding/ Event Date: April 18, 2009

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