Flint Hill

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May 7, 2010, 1:15 p.m.


Review: Flint Hill

We had an absolute blast!

Flint Hill (Magic Moments) provided the catering, decor, and cake for our wedding (ceremony and reception) and all of these services met and in certain areas, exceeded our expectations. My husband and I are were not the traditional 'one fits all/ cookie cutter' couple and Flint Hill rose to the challenge of working with us ( despite some cultural differences with my being English) to ensure our vision for our special day was exactly as we imagined! The design team are GREAT and did not try to deter a detailed orientated bride like myself from pushing the boundaries for something different. All of our guests from around the globe loved everything about the day and Flint Hill played a huge part in achieving that! We had an absolute blast!

Wedding/ Event Date: June 6, 2010

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