The Venue at CeNita Vineyards

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Oct. 23, 2013, 6:52 p.m.


Review: The Venue at CeNita Vineyards

We loved the beautiful vineyard

CeNita was the first and only wedding venue that my (now) husband, Cody and I viewed. We loved the beautiful vineyard, the reception "barn" and most importantly, the owner of the venue. Donna was so personable and made Cody and I feel like we were dealing with someone who genuinely cared about us and our wedding, as opposed to some vendors who only care about the final payment. I received so many compliments on how beautiful CeNita was. I love the photos I have of our wedding ceremony with Mt. Yonah in the background. Besides the ceremony and reception site, CeNita has a gorgeous bridal suite. My bridesmaids and I were able to get ready in/lounge around before the wedding in a room designed specifically for your hairstylists/makeup artists to work in, as well as for the bridal party's comfort. I highly recommend CeNita Vineyards to any couple who is looking for a beautiful outdoor venue with lots of charm!

Lauren Pavao Bolden
Wedding/ Event Date: Oct. 13, 2013

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