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Dec. 28, 2005, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

We were so glad that we booked him immediately

Mark was one of our first vendors we picked for our wedding and we were so glad that we booked him immediately. We signed with Mark after doing a taste test at his shop after he showed us huge albums full of his cakes that he decorated and after tasting about 10 different types of cake. Then Mark let us use foam shapes to decide on how many layers we wanted, if we wanted square, round, a mixture, how we wanted the layers placed, etc. He listened to all my ideas and then sketched my cake making sure that he had everything perfect. Mark was extremely quick with his return emails to me and my mom during the process of making changes and this definitely eased the stress factor in planning a wedding. We went with a three tier square wedding cake - buttercream icing with two layers of buttercream filling - one a yummy toffee flavor and one a raspberry buttercream. The cake had a huge fondant bow on top with long swags hanging down the side of the cake and fondant flowers on the corners of the squares. He placed my cake on a cake stand that I had previously purchased. We also got a ball and chain groom's cake in chocolate with chocolate icing - it was amazing. Both cakes were the best I've ever tasted - way better than his taste test even which he said it would be since our cake was fresh and the little samples were a few days old. The toffee layer had real little pices of toffee in it which was great! Lastly, the cake was delivered right on time and served more people than he quoted so you get as much cake or more than he says it will serve which is good.

Tiffany & Michael, Alpharetta
Wedding/ Event Date: Dec. 17, 2005

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