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Arctic Winter Wedding Theme Wedding Table Decorations

Originally published May 2, 2005

We pulled this gorgeous arctic winter wedding table out of the archives from the NACE Table Décor Competition a few years back. Love it!!



John Nollinger
Chair Covers & Linens, Atlanta,  404-808-3577

Additional Providers For This Table

Florals: Maxine Mecca, Edge Design Group
 Menu, Place Cards: Chasity Jordan, Sealand Events
Centerpiece: Michael Shoer, Ice Caterers 

Table Description:

The theme of my table is Artic Winter Wedding, creating a soft but yet icy, crisp winter wedding through such textures as faux furs, icey blues, and white satins and completing the look with true carved ice centerpieces along with floral elements.


Main photo by Greg Mooney
Gallery photos by Alison Herndon.

Please Note: Designer Information and Table Descriptions were furnished by the Greater Atlanta Chapter of NACE to be used for this article. All photos by Greg Mooney,, were taken for the NACE event and are © 2005 by Greg Mooney, All photos in this article that were taken by Alison Herndon were taken specifically for this article and are owned by IBS Design, LLC.  Unauthorized copying, posting, re-printing or other commercial use of any of these photos without permission is strictly prohibited.

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