Atlanta Wedding Cellist

Atlanta Wedding Cellist

Celebrate in Style! Experience the magic of live wedding entertainment.

Celebrate in Style. Elevate your wedding with the enchanting cello melodies of Atlanta Wedding Cellist. Booking a solo cellist is the ideal way to add sophistication and live entertainment to any occasion. Suzana is a professional cellist with over thirty years of performing experience at premier venues around the globe.  

With a reputation for excellence and customer service, Suzana will enhance your event’s ambiance and dazzle your guests with her unmatched versatility and musicianship. From Mozart to Ed Sheran, Suzana’s vast music repertoire offers diverse selections that span various genres and cultures. Experience the magic of live wedding entertainment tailored just for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early do you come to set up?

We usually arrive 30 minutes before the prelude music begins.

How much space does the ensemble need?

We need enough space to fit chairs for each member of the ensemble. We will bring our music stands. We will need chairs without arms provided for us. We can fit under a 10x10 tent.

Do you provide music for wedding ceremonies or cocktail receptions?

Yes, we provide music for the Wedding Ceremony, Cocktail hour, or Reception.

Will an Atlanta Wedding Cellist member be at my rehearsal the day before?

Normally, we don't attend the rehearsal. We judge how long to play the song by the length of the aisle and the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. We fade out and end tastefully when each entrance is over.

Would you like me to know my ceremony song list when I book?

No! You must email us your song list at least one month before your ceremony. It would be best to choose the following songs: Mothers/Grandmothers Entrance Song, Bridesmaids Entrance Song, Bridal Entrance Song, and Recessional Song. If you need help deciding, we can offer music suggestions from our Repertoire list.

What if I want a song not listed on your "Repertoire" page?

We are more than happy to make a custom arrangement of any song you would like. We charge $100 per custom arrangement, which can be added to your final balance. We have a pretty extensive list, so custom arrangements are fairly rare.

Do you know if I can book an event for 2024 and beyond?

Of course! We are currently accepting requests for 2024 and 2025. Please email us at to request the quotes and availability.

Rates / Packages

Solo String Instrument




For smaller weddings, Cello would be the most suitable choice. We will send a soloist to play all your favorite songs solo or with the backing tracks—$ 600 for weddings within a 60-minute radius of downtown Atlanta. Prices start at $600 for weddings outside a 60-minute radius of downtown Atlanta.

Cocktail Hour Music



We are also available to play during your cocktail hour. A pro-rating for 45 or 30 minutes is available—$100 per cellist member per hour following a wedding ceremony.




We are also available to play during your Reception. Pro-rating for one hour or two hours is available.

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Atlanta Wedding Cellist

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