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Feb. 26, 2007, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

Baker's Man, Inc. did a stupendous job!

What a JOY it was, to see our lovely cake at our Wedding. Mark Brickman, of Baker's Man, Inc. did a stupendous job! The cake was moist, and delicate---we'd chosen a multi-layer of traditional white cake, layered with raspberry filling and white chocolate, alternating layers of strawberry-flavored-cake with lemon filling, and so on...The exterior was SO beautiful, my Groom-- Hansoo & I, hesitated to even CUT it! It was buttercream(delicious!)icing with a "ribbon" of fondant over it.Mark does NOT use any "lard" in his fondant, so no worries about that, either! The decorations on the cake consisted of silver non-pareils(Silver and Lavendar were my colors for Wedding), and Mark placed flowers which matched my Bridal bouquet, into the cake--on top, and on each layer's edge--giving it a fresh, yet festive feel! The Groom's cake we feasted on the night before, at our Rehearsal Dinner bears mentioning, too--it was a GOLF-CART--made with chocolate cake, and a white-chocolate icing. Mark was able to put Hansoo's alma mater's logo--Georgia Tech--on the top of the "cart", too! All my guests commented on both the cakes, and how yummy they were. In fact, even a few guests who claim to not care for sweets, ended up devouring quite a bit of cake! I HIGHLY recommend Mark, and The Baker's Man, for all your Wedding/Celebration/Party needs! He's personable, and prompt, with great attention to detail!

Lisa Allender-Kwon
Wedding/ Event Date: Feb. 10, 2007

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