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Review: DecoMarj

DecoMarj has an abundance of original and unique ideas.

She's amazing to work with! DecoMarj has an abundance of original and unique ideas. A wedding invitation is the first impression of what is to come at the wedding- and Marjorie nailed it! Our invitations truly encompassed us as a couple, and were perfect for our vineyard wedding. From creating the design, perfecting the wording and layout, and even down to addressing the envelopes, our invitations were made with attention to every detail. She has a great eye for seeing the picture as a whole, and the desire to make it perfect. She was full of helpful tips and advice (i.e. having them hand stamped at the post office). Our invitations came out beautifully- we recieved countless compliments! I would definitely use her again in the future (she does birth announcements amongst various other events). Highly recommended!

Stephanie and Bo
Wedding/ Event Date: July 17, 2010

Jan. 13, 2011, 1:22 p.m.

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