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Review: Carl House

I can’t begin to say enough good things about the Carl House.

I can’t begin to say enough good things about the Carl House. It was the perfect wedding venue for our wedding. The house is beautiful, but the grounds are exquisite. If you drive by, you may think the location detracts from the venue; however, once you drive through the gates, you’re transported. The grounds are intimate, quiet and much more expansive than you would think just from viewing the house from the road. The entire property makes for gorgeous pictures from every angle.

But Carl House is more than just a pretty location. It’s a business that is ready to make your wedding perfect. The event team is absolutely incredible. You get a dedicated wedding director, who will walk you through every fine detail of your day. I also recommend using their onsite florist, Lindy — her ideas and creations will stun you. Then they have an incredibly service-oriented wait staff that will make a delicious meal to impress your guests. No one will leave hungry, that’s for certain.

So with all of this talent, you’d expect to deal with some attitude, right? Not here. I’m actually sad the wedding planning is over because I’ll miss everyone we interacted with. Everyone was so incredibly friendly, to the point it felt like I was planning my wedding with my best friends. At every turn, they wanted to make sure we were happy with how things were shaping up and would bend over backwards to make it work. And that’s with them running several events each week! I just can’t get over how well they treated us, which is why I recommend this venue over others.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention that my wedding was a same-sex wedding. Honestly, we were a little nervous about getting married in a small town and that the staff might be a little cold. As I have hopefully conveyed, none of that was the case. They were thrilled to plan our wedding and at no point did we feel uncomfortable.

Carl House also works with many vendors, like photographers and DJs, that they can connect you with if you need. We needed to find a DJ last minute, and our wedding director, Nicole, connected us with a DJ service that really made our event come to life.

On the day of the wedding, they have timing down to a science. While Nicole was our wedding director through the planning process (and she’s amazing), she actually had a wedding to attend the day-of ours, so she wasn’t present. Indira was our back-up wedding planner. We literally met her the night before at our rehearsal, and as expected in the same vein as everything else, she was like a longtime friend helping us put on the finishing touches. She knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted the day to go. On the day-of, she kept everything on time with perfect direction but at all times making sure we were ready to proceed — it was our day from the first moment. She was integral in making sure it worked perfectly.

I know there are great venues everywhere. But the value for the price we paid, the service we received, and the perfect wedding we had, I have to attribute most of that to the Carl House. I honestly couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else, and I highly recommend it to you for your special day.

Chad and Jeremy
Wedding/ Event Date: Aug. 10, 2019

Aug. 29, 2019, 10:53 a.m.

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