Thompson House and Gardens

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Aug. 3, 2011, 9:25 p.m.


Review: Thompson House and Gardens

It's really nice looking back and not having any regrets

When my fiancee and I became engaged in the Spring of 2010, I found out that according to my family and its history, a church was the only acceptable place for a for a marriage ceremony. After long discussions, visiting the Thompson house and meeting with the owner, "On", and event planner, "Jessie", we came to the conclusion that it WAS possible. We decided to hold the ceremony at our church and the reception at The Thompson House and Gardens. The owner, On Guest, was more than accommodating. She understood that I wanted the "TH vibe" throughout my wedding day. Even though the ceremony was in our church, 15 miles away, On went the extra mile to provide TH equipment and scenery to the church. The fact that she offers her own "in-house flower shop" was very convenient. Her decorating skills are outstanding and my flower arrangements were among the top discussions with friends and as a past Bride, it's really nice looking back and not having any regrets.

Wedding/ Event Date: May 14, 2011

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