Baker's Man Inc.

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Dec. 28, 2007, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

Mark was excellent to work with and his cakes were amazing

We found this company through Atlanta Bridal as well as our reception coordinator. We met with Mark and after speaking with him about our ideas we immediately decided that we were going to use him because he was able to transfer our ideas into a realistic product. Plus his cakes were so amazing that we wound up getting two cakes for the wedding because we enjoyed two completely different tastes. All of the business aspect was extremely smooth with Mark giving us a precise explanation of what our cake would look like and what it would be made of. Once we arrived at the reception we received several compliments from all of our guest for our Christmas boxes wedding cake and my husband's groom cake which was of his favorite team the Colts. From the beginning until we received the finished product, Mark was excellent to work with and his cakes were amazing, I highly recommend this vendor!

Adam and Desiree' Macke, Atlanta
Wedding/ Event Date: Dec. 15, 2007

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