Baker's Man Inc.

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June 17, 2004, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

Perfection! Our cake was beautiful and unique!

Perfection! Our cake was beautiful and unique! We had a 4-tier squared cake (offset) that was iced smooth with Swiss vanilla butter cream frosting. The flavors we selected were three layers of white cake (traditional southern wedding cake). The first layer of filling had a Swiss almond butter cream with a thin layer of semi sweet chocolate ganache. The second layer of filling would be Swiss vanilla butter cream. Besides tasting the cake while David and I cut it, I did not get a chance to taste it! But I heard that it was delicious. Mark Brickman was fantastic to work with!!! My only regret is that we didn't place the cake in the center of the dance floor during dinner for everyone to see because it was so beautiful. I think many people didn't catch a look before we cut it!

Michelle and David, Midtown
Wedding/ Event Date: Nov. 8, 2003

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