Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

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Oct. 26, 2017, 11:51 p.m.


Review: Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

Rev. Deanna was absolutely WONDERFUL!

Rev. Deanna was absolutely WONDERFUL! We booked with her quite last minute and we were a bit concerned as we had never met before..but there was no need to be! Though we were a bit of a mess, she was phenomenal is helping us through the process. Very patient. She communicated well, answered all questions, gave us inspiring content to help with our vows, and she was so incredibly friendly. It's like we knew her for years! Our wedding party truly appreciated the geeky twist she threw in our vows as well. The flow of the ceremony was flawless and it most certainly helped with my nerves. Most definitely a 10/10 and you'd be crazy not have her by your side on your big day! =)

The Geeky Gickings, Atlanta
Wedding/ Event Date: Oct. 8, 2017

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