Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

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March 21, 2013, midnight


Review: Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

she's simply awesome

If you do your research, like we did, you'll see that Reverend D has a ton of 5 star reviews. And if you use Reverend D as your officiant, you'll find there's a reason for that - she's simply awesome. We met Reverend D for coffee to "interview" her a few months before our wedding, and it quickly was like we were having coffee with an old friend, and we decided on the spot she was the right officiant for us. Leading up to the wedding, she made it incredibly easy for us to put together the ceremony we wanted - she's happy to go as traditional or nontraditional as you like. At our rehearsal, she was the consummate professional, walking us through the ceremony quickly and effectively. And the ceremony itself was just perfect. Everyone always says "your ceremony was beautiful" and such, but so many people specifically made a point of saying how great Reverend D was - in fact, a friend getting married next year asked for her contact information.

Kate and Kirk
Wedding/ Event Date: March 9, 2013

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