Cator Woolford Gardens

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May 2, 2006, 9:12 p.m.


Review: Cator Woolford Gardens

This site is gorgeous

This site is gorgeous for anybody who wants an outdoor wedding or reception. The photos on their website don't do it as much justice as a walk-through does. Though it is pricey (what would you expect renting any real estate on Ponce?) it does help to support the Frazer Center, which is a good cause. The facilities are nice for an outdoor site... 2 'full' bathrooms and 2 mens-ladies stall-type bathrooms, an indoor pavilion which can serve as a prep room for the wedding party (which turned into a cry room for the ceremony). The only drawback to this site was the number of restrictions... for example, no confetti, no amplified music in the garden area, etc. Carefully read the sheaf of papers Alyssa sends you home with after your walk-through, or prepare to be disappointed when your rock & roll sparkler sendoff gets quashed.

Anna & Doug
Wedding/ Event Date: April 22, 2006

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