The Moxie Band

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Sept. 27, 2019, 6:30 p.m.


Review: The Moxie Band

We cannot say enough AMAZING things about the Moxie Band

We cannot say enough AMAZING things about the Moxie Band. From the first day I contacted Rich to the wedding day, he was SO responsive. This is a huge deal when planning a wedding. He was always there to answer any questions for us, and he literally walked step by step through the entire reception with us to make sure we were not missing any big moments! My mom and I planned the entire wedding ourselves, and he was an amazing resource. He even met with us in person before the big day, so we could walk through everything and talk out any questions or concerns we had. We also had Rich play the music MP3 for us during the ceremony. He arrived at the venue extremely early to set up, which speaks volumes of his dedication to his brides. Even though we were super busy before the ceremony, it eased our mind to see him there and ready to go! Beyond their professionalism, the Moxie Band is extremely talented! The dance floor was packed the entire time. The only thing that could have been better would have been if the reception could have been longer!! If you are considering the Moxie Band, do not look any further! You will not be disappointed! Between their amazing talent and their ability to keep the dance floor packed to their professionalism and knowledge of the field, there is NOTHING to worry about! One thing Rich said to us before the wedding was that he did not want us to have any worries on the wedding day and that they would take care of it all! They absolutely took care of everything and exceeded our expectations! We hope to have an excuse to book the Moxie Band again soon!!!!

Wedding at Country Club of the South

Katherine and Coker Cantrell, Bride and Groom
Wedding/ Event Date: May 18, 2019

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