Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

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Sept. 16, 2015, midnight


Review: Reverend Deanna D. Lancaster

We highly recommend her services.

Love Love Love Rev D. When our first Officiant canceled on us two months before the wedding I started to panic.Looking on the internet trying to find someone who could perform our simple ceremony in the park was extremely overwhelming as you never know what you are going to get.After reading Deanna's website, I felt she was someone I could work.Deanna emailed us samples of ceremonies and gave us time to peruse them before having a face to face meeting with her.I hit it off with Deanna immediately and knew we had made the right choice.There is something about her vibrant personality that I found contagious but calming.There was no pressure on what I should or needed to do.She made some suggestions and provided ideas that we found helpful.My Fiance emailed her our ideas and she incorporated everything we wanted.We had what we wanted a light hearted ceremony that was special and specific to us.Our ceremony was "PERFECT". We highly recommend her services.

Suzanne & James, Suwanee
Wedding/ Event Date: Sept. 5, 2015

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