Baker's Man Inc.

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Aug. 30, 2004, 12:09 p.m.


Review: Baker's Man Inc.

We would highly recommend Mark for any wedding!

We selected Mark Brickman from The Baker's Man as our cake baker after visiting and tasting several different bakers/cakes in the Atlanta area. Mark impressed us with his professionalism, experience, creative ideas, and desire to make our cakes PERFECT (he actually did!). Above and beyond all of that, his cakes are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! During our first meeting with him, Mark took the time to get to know us, what kind of wedding we were having, what flavor and style of cake we wanted, and even drew a picture of what both the bride's cake and groom's cake would look like once we had decided. He was very enthusiastic about participating in our wedding, and explained that he would deliver the cake himself to the reception site, so that, in the event that something happened, he would be there to fix it. From the beginning, I never questioned that Mark would do what he promised and do a fabulous job - I was very confident in the promises he made. He was able to get flowers to place on the bride's cake through his own florist, which was much easier than coordinating with our florist, since that way he could decide what flowers would look the best on our cake. Both cakes turned out amazing- our guests are still talking about how beautiful and tasty they were two months after our wedding. We would highly recommend Mark for any wedding! (He even made the cake for our rehearsal dinner...the chocolate covered strawberries were great!)

Krysten and Josh, Atlanta
Wedding/ Event Date: June 26, 2004

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