Valentine's Day Weddings at Rhodes Hall: Cupid at the Castle 2009

March 2, 2009, 7:26 p.m. by Lei Lydle
Valentine's Day Weddings at Rhodes Hall: Cupid at the Castle 2009

This past Saturday, Valentine's Day, I attended 11 (maybe 12) weddings at Rhodes Hall - I lost count somewhere along the way! This historic mansion on Peachtree started a new tradition this year of hosting Valentine's Day weddings every 15 minutes at the "castle". I thought this was certainly newsworthy and perfect for my AtlantaBridal On Location video series.

I believe Rhodes Hall scheduled 25 weddings on Saturday but I couldn't stay for all of them. However, the weddings I did witness were all very sweet and each couple had a unique story.

Three of the weddings were actually "vow renewals". One couple brought their 2 small children to be a part of the ceremony... Mom held one and Dad held the other during the entire vow renewal ceremony. One couple had originally gotten married in February of 1966 and decided to renew their vows on this special day - I cried during their very sweet ceremony. It is nice to see a couple who has stayed together for more than 40 years.

Two of the weddings I witnessed were very traditional with the brides wearing full wedding gowns and veils. One couple even had more than 35 guests! One wedding I witnessed was a "secret" - this couple is planning a wedding later in the year but wanted to go ahead and tie the knot now - so they did and now they have to keep it a secret! One couple had dated in high school 30 years ago, broke up, married other people and had children and now found their way back to each other so many years later.

I am so glad I attended this event and covered the story for AtlantaBridal. It was a fun day and I enjoyed hanging out with the Rhodes Hall team. I also enjoyed seeing the interior of Rhodes Hall and getting a tour.

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