Vecoma at the Yellow River

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Review: Vecoma at the Yellow River

It was a phenomenal experience

My daughter got married at Vecoma and it was a phenomenal experience. The facility was gorgeous and the staff went out of their way to tend to all the details plus add extras that we weren't expecting. When things outside their control occurred (pouring rain as the ceremony came to a close) they went the extra mile to care for our guests and the wedding party. They even took shirts from 2 young ushers who were soaked through and dried them while letting the 2 youngsters stay wrapped in table clothes watching a movie in the brides room. The 2 boys couldn't have been happier. THANK YOU Vecoma for being a part of God's perfect plan for Emily's wedding day.

Joy, mother of the bride
Wedding/ Event Date: Sept. 11, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010, 4:40 p.m.

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