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Review: Courtney Goldman Photography

We were really happy that we chose Courtney

When we began looking for photographers in the Athens area, my fiance and I often found ourselves at odds with their styles and personalities or shocked by the high prices. I found Courtney at Flip! Photography through our band, Squat, whom she has done press photos for. At our consultation, we realized that Courtney was exactly what we wanted - she was young, energetic, and had a good eye for what is important to capture in wedding photographs: the people who were there to witness and celebrate our marriage. We were really happy that we chose with Courtney. At the wedding, she was present, but never pushy as some photographers can be. She never made us "hold" a pose so she could capture the moment, rather she knew what to look for and most of the time she got it. She fit right into the energy we wanted to create at our wedding and the pictures are a testimony to that.

Jennifer Harper
Wedding/ Event Date: Sept. 29, 2007

Dec. 29, 2007, 5:17 p.m.

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