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Plan for the Future When Planning the Wedding

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About Griffith Therapy

You're caught up in the excitement of finding "the special someone" and planning the wedding. Congratulations! Have you planned for your daily life too? What are your expectations of married life? How will you juggle time for your careers, your friends, your families and each other? How will you manage income, expenses, savings and investments? How do you handle conflict? What about faith and values? Do you want children? The time to talk about these issues and many more is BEFORE you marry. These are topics you may not have not thought about or try to avoid. Either of those will negatively affect your relationship. Let me open them up in a safe, non-judgmental way. Together we can find issues, compromises, and agreements. Explore your own values now, so you can explore your lives together.

Prompt, professional office visit with Peg Griffith revealed an open, calm demeanor. She was easy to talk to. She listened carefully and was nonjudgmental. I would recommend her. - Katherine R.